Did you already know this about King’s day?

We Dutch people love our typical traditions. Every year we celebrate Sinterklaas (St. Nicholas) and we eat deep-fried doughnuts on New Year’s Eve. And we are already counting down till the next traditional Dutch holiday and perhaps our favorite: King’s day (or how we say it: Koningsdag).

King’s day is a typical Dutch happening in Holland. On this day we celebrate our king’s birthday exuberantly. It’s a public holiday but certainly not a day of rest: for us Dutchies it can’t be crazy and wild enough. Everyone is dressed up in orange clothes. There are parties everywhere and the streets are filled with live music. Furthermore we have The vrijmarkt (literally ‘free market’), which gives everyone the chance to sell their second-hand things on the streets and parks of Amsterdam, creating one of the world’s largest flea markets.

For the biggest party you have to go to Kingsland Festival. We celebrate this spectacle in 5 cities across The Netherlands with more than 125,000 visitors! Not only Dutch people celebrate this craziness, revelers from 60 different countries celebrate Kingsland Festival together with us. And did you know that all together we drink about 350,000 liters of beer in total? Say what!😱

Are you curious about this unique orange spectacle? Go and get your ticket here and let’s toast together on 27 April!


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