Corona Update

Corona Update

Will Kingsland Festival 2020 be moved?

Yes, Kingsland Festival 2020 will be moved to September 19, 2020 and will take place in Amsterdam, Groningen and Tilburg. The ticket you bought is automatically valid for this new date. You will not receive a new ticket from us.

Why is Kingsland Festival 2020 being moved?

Unfortunately, due to the prevailing Coronavirus and the measures taken by the government to prevent its spread, Kingsland Festival cannot take place on April 27. After looking at all the possibilities, September 19, 2020 has turned out to be the best date to still be able to have Kingsland Festival 2020 take place this year. This way we can celebrate the Kingsland Festival together with as many Kingsland people as possible and toast the King in the cities of Amsterdam, Groningen and Tilburg.

What if I cannot attend on the new date (September 19, 2020)?

In that case your ticket is automatically valid for Kingsland Festival 2021 (April 27, 2021).

Can I request a refund of my ticket?

Our beautiful festival world depends and runs on all kinds of employees, artists, suppliers and freelancers. We would like to ask you to continue to support not only us, but everyone involved, because we need each other now more than ever. By not giving a refund, but moving the festival to September, we are trying to keep our industry alive, so we can continue to toast with you on our King’s birthday for years to come. In Orange we Trust! If you still want to request a refund, you can email us at, stating your order number, the city for which you bought a ticket and your bank account details. You can request a refund until May 20 2020.

When will my refund be paid?

Your refund (ticket price including service fee) will be paid no later than 1 month after the new date of the festival, in this case October 19, 2020. If Kingsland Festival cannot go ahead on September 19, the festival will be moved to April 27, 2021 and you will receive your refund no later than 27 May 2021. This is in accordance with the new arrangement that various sector organizations in the cultural sector, the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Authority for Consumers & Markets have reached to keep the cultural sector alive. For more information, visit

What if Kingsland Festival cannot continue on September 19, 2020 due to corona virus not getting a permit?

Of course we hope for the best, but if the measures for large events still apply in September (and we will therefore not receive a permit from the municipality of Amsterdam), new information will follow about your ticket. This will then be converted to the edition in 2021 (April 27). As soon as we start the ticket sale for 2021 in February 2021, you will receive more information about your ticket from us. So you never lose the money from your ticket! If you want to request a refund of your ticket due to the cancellation on 19 September, this is possible until 19 October 2020 (this is only possible for tickets bought before the March 5, 2020).

Do I need a new ticket for September 19?

The ticket you bought is automatically valid for this new date. You will not receive a new ticket from us.

Are the same artists performing on the new date?

We do our utmost to program as many of the same artists as possible on September 19th.

Will the locations for Kingsland Festival 2020 on September 19 remain the same?

The locations for Groningen (Drafbaan) and Tilburg (Spoorpark) remain the same. Kingsland Amsterdam 2020 will for this one time, be moved to The Olympic Stadium.

I bought my ticket via Ticketswap. What now?

Your ticket purchased on Ticketswap is also valid for the September 19 edition.

What about organized bus trips?

It is best to contact the relevant party for this.

Is your question not listed?

Mail us at We strive to answer your question as soon as possible.


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