Kingsland Festival Amsterdam is taking place in Amsterdam RAI and its surroundings. To find the exact location please check Google Maps. The entrance is in the Wiegelingenstraat (entrance M).



Attention: Station ‘Amsterdam RAI’ is closed on Kingsday.

During Kings Day, the trains ride on different time schedules. It’s important to plan your trip and be prepared. For more information about public transport please visit the NS website. To reach Kingsland Festival by train, please take the train to Station ‘Amsterdam Zuid.’ From Station ‘Amsterdam Zuid’ you’ll easily follow the signs ‘KINGSLAND RAI.’ It’s possible to already buy your train ticket online, when you do so, you get 20% discount. Tickets can be bought here.

Tram, metro and bus:

If you are travelling by tram, metro or bus, it’s easy to get out at either ‘Station Zuid’, ‘Dintelstraat’ or ‘Europaplein.’ From there you’ll easily follow the signs ‘KINGSLAND RAI’.

Please check for up-to-date information about public transport: or


The easiest, fastest and cheapest way to travel is of course our favorite Dutch way of transport: the bicycle! Riding a bicycle saves you the travel costs and gives you time to warm up your legs for the festival. Directions will be clearly provided and please follow instructions by the traffic controllers.


You may park at P3. You can already buy your parking ticket here. Please keep in mind the parking space is limited. Therefore, we advise you to use public transport or a bicycle when they can. Costs for a full day of parking are €18 and tickets can be bought here.


Parking lot P5 provides a Kiss & Ride area. Taxis are also allowed to drop off and pick up passengers in this area. If you need to take a taxi back home, please find the closest taxi stand at the Wielingenstraat (main entrance) between 18:30 and 21.30. At other times the closest taxi stand is at Station Zuid. We cannot guarantee there will be taxis, due to other Kingsday activities, modified routes and the great demand for taxis. P5 is also the parking lot for touring cars. Costs for parking are €45 (limited space).


Don’t want to miss out on the party? In that case please look at the organized bus transport by Partybussen. The busses organized by Partybussen are staying until the end of the festival. That gives you plenty of time to enjoy the festival until the end.


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